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How to protect eyes this summer?

For skin there are so many sunscreen creams but nothing for the protection of eyes. There are some best tips on eye care protection and these advices will help you keep a good vision for countless summers to come.

Ultraviolet protection sunglasses:

Sunglasses are the best option for eye care. People are very concerned about their skin and know what things can protect from ultraviolet radiations but they don’t know that our eyes require the same protection from UVR. Sun produces the ultraviolet radiation rays and these rays can also reproduce from the surface like water or sand. The greatest eye care from the UVR contact is to buy sunglasses that give protection 100 percent beside both rays that include UVA and UVB and wear those glasses constantly even on cloudy days as well. An agency based in the US offers many affordable brands that also give the same level of protection.

Apply spectacles while swimming:

when you go swimming after so many days then the first dunk in the pond may be harmful to your eyes. Because the pool water contains chlorine that protects you from germs and this can harm your eyes. So the best eye care option for protecting the eye is to apply the spectacles whenever you go swimming. This suggestion is not only for the pool but also you should wear spectacles when you go in the sea or other area of water because those places also have other impurities that may be harmful to your eyes.

Rinse hands and keep away from rubbing eyes:

Past research shows that to keep yourself from infectious diseases, the great way is to simply rinse off your hands many times a day. This method is important to avoid any eye-related diseases like conjunctivitis. This disease can be produced if you touched something that already other people have touched and rubbed their eyes. You must keep yourself from any infection especially when you have done eye surgery like LASIK, glaucoma surgery or cataract surgery because after surgery eyes may prone to get an infection. The center for illness control recommended that everyone must wash hands properly before doing any eye treatments and also keep away from rubbing your eyes as much as you can. Take extra care when you have conjunctivitis and wash your hand after using droppers for eyes or ointments to avoid passing the illness.

Put on hats:

wearing only sunglasses do not protect your eyelids that are also required the protection. Whenever you leave home wear hats along with sunglasses, it is necessary because sunglasses have gaps from where the UVR rays can come from. Wearing sunglasses minimize the risk of having any eye-related disease but if you put on hats it will cover the edges as well that will completely protect your eyes. Continuous use of hats with sunglasses can a lot decrease the UVR rays.